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You may be attracted by interesting advertisements such as “Vietnam cheap tour”. However, is the service adequate to price in fact? Let’s check out the elements forming the tour prices, you will be surprised.  

Tour quoting – uneasy calculation

Tour packages, especially oversea tours include many elements such as, flight tickets, petrol surcharge, taxes, domestic flights (if any), transports, hotels, meals, entrance fees, local guides…

Tours also have travel insurance, visa, document translations (if any), tour leader costs…and tip for tour leaders, guides, drivers…For a reliable Vietnam travel agency, this is not an easy problem when they need to balance the costs in order to have best prices, but still need ensure all services.

Therefore, you should be cautious of cheap tours provided from some travel agencies which may be much cheaper with others. Behind is the “hidden costs”, if you do not read carefully all terms and conditions, inclusion and exclusion, you will have to pay much additional costs.

Being smart travelers

Look at the cheap tours, not many people aware that by cutting some expenses of entrance fees or activities, prices will go down. In particular, tour to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar to Thailand, some Vietnam agencies have cut some tourist places which require entrance fees and replace by free-entrance places in order to reduce price.

At first sight, some itineraries offer many tourist places, but in fact those places are not attractive or most places are for shopping purpose or entrance fees not included. There are some places which need to visit once such as, Fansipan peak, Ham Rong mountain in Sapa, but visitors may only see from a distance or may have to pay entrance fees if requested.

The quality of car also affects to price tours. Using new and modern cars will be more expensive that the old ones. Staying at well-located and luxury hotels also make the price higher. It is similar to flight tickets. Flying at good time and convenient to the tour itinerary give a high price, direct flights also more expensive but less time than transit flights and offer the heath guarantee.

Furthermore, departure at weekend or first days of the week, on the normal days or vacations will also impact a lot to tour prices. Cheap tours are often started at the first days of week which offer cheaper services but the programs may not be diversified. Let’s be a smart traveler to recognize the differences between Vietnam tours https://vietnamoriginal-travel.com/vietnam-tours/packages and to totally enjoy the trips.