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Exploring the most beautiful cathedrals in Vietnam

Thanks to the unique and distinctive architectures, many cathedrals in Vietnam have left many good memories to visitors.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

Not many people know the official name of the Notre Dame cathedral of Saigon which is Cathedral of our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Over the years, the cathedral has still remained the majestic and magnificent beauty which is considered as the masterpiece of Saigon.

During the construction, all building materials including cements, steels or screws were taken from France. The outside wall was built with the bricks from Toulouse which were not coated but until now, the bricks have still retained their bright red color.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon has interesting and fine architectures for its wall, windows, bell and statue of Lady of the Immaculate Conception…The architecture style was totally based on the solemn and elegant Roman and gothic styles

St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi

Perhaps, all citizens in Hanoi who have a religious faith or not, are familiar with the cathedral. St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi is locally known as Hanoi cathedral. The cathedral was designed in the Gothic style from with high walls, domes and windows which was very popular in the 12th century and European Renaissance period.

The cathedral’s architectural style was described as resembling Notre Dame De Paris with big curved domes toward the sky. There is a big main gate and two small side doors. All gates and windows were sharply curved under Gothic style associated with fine saint glass pictures which make a natural light source inside cathedral.

Hanoi cathedral has become an integral part of the capital which is the familiar destination for not only the religious people but also visitors. 

Tan Dinh Cathedral (Saigon)

Tan Dinh cathedral was opened in 1876. The cathedral overall is in the Gothic style but, detailed parts are in the Roman and Baroque styles. Tan Dinh is considered as the most beautiful in Vietnam.

The whole cathedral is painted in the pink and has a main tower and two side towers in front. On the top of main tower which is about 53 meters high is the 3 meter bronze-made cross.

There are 5 bells inside the cathedral with the total weight of 5.5 tons. Two side towers have many flower-style windows in the beautiful and charming designs.

The interior furniture designs are very fantastic with two lines of columns in Gothic style. There are statues of women saints on the left line of columns and the statues of men saints on the right line of columns. Although, Tan Dinh cathedral has been repaired some times, it has still retained the original architecture.

Kon Tum wooden cathedral

The cathedral is totally made of wood. Kon Tum cathedral is a masterpiece designed in the Roman architecture style harmoniously associated with the house on stilts of Ba Na ethnic group to make a unique culture and custom of people in the highland.

The cathedral is a self-contained building including synagogue, guest room, and room for displaying ethnic minority and custom items. Besides, there are orphanage, clothing store, brocade texture store and carpentry store.

Con Ga (chicken) cathedral of Da lat

Con Ga cathedral is one the oldest and significant architectures in Da lat. The cathedral is the biggest one in Da Lat locally called as Con Ga (Chicken) cathedral because; there is a big statue of chicken on the top of the bell.

Con Ga cathedral was built from 1931 to 1942 with the size of 65 meters long, 14 meters wide and 47 meters high. People can see the cathedral at many places in the city thanks to its height.

Phat Diem stone cathedral (Ninh Binh)

The cathedral is the harmonious combination of Catholic and Buddhism in which its roofs are designed like those of temples and pagodas.

Next is the statue of cross on the lotus shaped lamp support which makes Phat Diem stone cathedral most unique architecture in the world. In front is a pond which makes the landscape more beautiful.

Stone cathedral of Sapa

Located in a favorable position protected by Ham Rong Mountain behind and the large flat yard in frot, the cathedral can be viewed clearly in any places of Sapa town.

The cathedral, Chu Cau villa and old district party committee altogether were built by French which make a balanced triangle in the distinctive architecture.

Sapa stone cathedral is in the shape of Gothic and Roman which always have curved roof tops, bell towers making the cathedral more charming.