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Cu Chi Tunnels more fascinating than your expectation

Located about 70 km away from Ho Chi Minh center, you can make an excursion to the Cu Chi Tunnels by motorcycles or renting cars, but buses are cheapest. There are bus routes to Cu Chi like 13, 74, 94… and from here, you can take the bus No 79 to Ben Duoc temple. Riding canoe on Saigon River to Cu Chi is also a new experience and is attractive to more tourists currently, but the cost is fairly expensive and you will derive from the Bach Dang Wharf.

After purchasing tickets visit (VND15,000-80,000/person depending on your ages, Vietnamese or foreigners), then you can go on foot or by electric bus (VND5,000/person) to Ben Duoc temple. You can see three doors temple  gate in front with yin-yang curved tiles like village temples or a monument of soldiers who fought and sacrificed on land of Saigon – Gia Dinh in two battles against the French and Americans. Hence, when stepping inside, you will find an open, peaceful, sacred but spectacular space.

After visiting the temple, you will have to buy tickets (VND20,000-90,000/person), move to the tunnels area which is attractive to not only veterans but also young people and foreign tourists. First, you will watch an introduction video tape about the whole combat of Cu Chi citizens and tunnels model.

The tunnels system has a length of 200km but currently, only some are opened to visitors, with the extended tunnels for easy travel and light system as well. However, you are not able to avoid having to weave through the heat and dark tunnel segments with suffocating feeling, but this will be the most memorable experience. When moving out of the tunnels, enjoying the light filled space with fresh air, you will be more poignant with the silent sacrifice of people in the war time.

Then continue to visit the outdoor museum of homemade weapons, training ground and Hoang Cam kitchen which is also interesting and attractive inside the tunnels. See the underground spike trap which sometimes make your hair stand on end.

A full day in Cu Chi for discovery is more interesting than your expectation and Cu Chi Tunnels become a tourist site that we must do during our Vietnam tours.